How to Become a Tutor

Becoming a tutor is definitely one of the top 10 best work at home jobs you can possibly find. In fact, one of the great advantages of choosing to be a tutor is that you can literally make a position for yourself; you don’t have to wait for one to come open. There are many prospective students out there and not enough tutors to go around.

How to become a tutor? There are several steps you need to take. First, determine if you are well-suited to become a tutor. Contrary to what many people may think, a good tutor is not necessarily someone who is highly intelligent and knows the answers to everything. In fact, intelligence alone will not determine your success as a tutor. Rather, what kind of person and what kind of student you are will have more effect on your success in becoming a good tutor.

Some characteristics of a good tutor include:

1) A positive outlook: Do you believe that actions can precipitate change?
2) A desire to be helpful: Are you willing to become involved with helping someone?
3) Empathy: Are you able to feel what someone else is feeling and relate to them?
4) A balanced disposition: Do you exhibit patience, gentleness, understanding and fairness?
5) An open mind: Are you willing to accept other peoples’ point of view?
6) Initiative: Can you see what needs to be done and then carry through to accomplish it?
7) Enthusiasm: Do you love your subject, and have a strong desire to teach it to others?
8) Reliability: Are you a reliable worker, punctual, dependable and steady?

Your readiness to learn how to become a tutor will be largely dependent on how many yes answers you gave to the above questions.

Second, make a list of skills or subjects you are good at and you are excited about. Don’t worry if you don’t know absolutely everything about your chosen field. That’s not important right now. What you want to do is to choose something that you are good at (note that I did not say perfect) and excited about so that you can transfer this energy and excitement to someone else along with some knowledge.

The next step would be to gather some resources together. Do you need some texts or manuals to look at to refresh your memory? Check out what your local library might offer. Also take a look at local College and University libraries. In some cities, you can check out a limited number of books from school libraries with your public library card, if they have been connected to do so.

Now you will want to start finding students to teach. If you want to get some references first, then do some free tutoring to friends or associates or their children. Once you have some references, you can start advertising.

Do you want to tutor in person or online? Either way, you will need students in order to start making money. If you are tutoring in person, then find all the free advertising your city has to offer, including online free classifieds. If you will tutor online exclusively, then check out several online tutoring websites on how to become a tutor.

Now you are ready to start! Good luck on your new tutoring adventure.

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